Aggressively Pursuing Workers’ Compensation Claims

We take extensive histories from our clients, encompassing employment duties, as well as off-the-job pursuits. Thus, we are in the best possible position to compare work exposures with off-work exposures.

We contact the attending physician whenever possible to discuss claims in detail. We provide the physician with the detailed facts we have obtained from our clients. This enables us to address the physician’s questions or concerns one-on-one, rather than through the mail.

After analyzing the facts, we discuss the legal issues and supply health care providers with specific questions to be addressed in their reports. These reports are submitted to the administrative law judge at hearing as exhibits on behalf of the injured worker.

We handle all communications between the insurer and injured worker, so our clients no longer need to deal with an adverse party.

We protect the rights of injured workers during all phases of litigation, making ourselves available to address their concerns.

After evaluating the facts, law, and medical opinions of each case, we professionally negotiate top dollar settlements for our clients, or take the case to hearing.

Our Office Philosophy

Spending the time to listen to the injured worker, establishing trust and aggressively pursuing each claim, we deal with the insurance company so our clients can focus on getting well. Our mission is to get our clients’ medical bills paid and facilitate delivery of Workers’ Compensation Benefits. The healing process should be our clients’ only concern. We deal with the insurance companies so that our clients can concentrate on getting well rather than on legal issues. We work with the health care providers to make sure their bills get paid.

Protecting Health Care Providers

We obtain and regularly update our own medical expense summaries from all known health care providers. We do not depend on the client or the insurer to do so. We make every effort to achieve settlements in which health care providers will not be required to compromise their accounts. All medical bills are audited at the time of settlement and paid from the settlement at 100 percent of the audited rate. Our settlements are written so the insurer pays health care providers directly. We keep the health care providers’ billing departments well-informed as to the progress of each case, so they will know when to expect payment after the completion of litigation.

We avoid letting our clients’ health care providers be deposed whenever possible, preferring instead to have the issues addressed through narrative reports. In the event a deposition is necessary, we make certain the health care providers thoroughly understand the legal issues at hand before the deposition. This enables the doctor to adequately prepare for questioning.