We look forward to and enjoy working with our referring attorneys and honor all referral agreements.


We work very closely with our client’s health care providers making sure all clinic bills get paid at 100 percent of the audited rate. We do not take medical malpractice cases.

Specialized Cases Involve: 

  • Wrongful Death: We work with the personal representative in litigation matters and the attorney for the estate. Our expertise crosses many boundaries, including wrongful death cases that are multi-jurisdictional; complex cases that require a committed and experienced attorney.
  • Personal Injury: We work directly with the injured party and the doctors involved with the case. We understand how personal injury affects an individual as a whole; it is more than just a physical, emotional, and financial pain, it affects your lifestyle and support systems. We know how to obtain compensation and get results.
  • Workers’ Compensation StatutesWe guide our clients through the complicated claims process, protect your rights during all phases of litigation and handle all communications between you and the insurer. Our mission is to get your bills paid and facilitate delivery of Workers’ Compensation Benefits. We aggressively negotiate top dollar settlements or take the case to hearing.
  • Employer Liability Law: If you or a loved one is injured at work there may be Workers’ Compensation Benefits initially, but what if the injuries were caused by another employer or subcontractor in the job site, or by a reckless driver? We help get additional recovery from the other employer or bad driver, maximizing the recovery to you and your family and helping your employer get paid back for some of the work comp benefits paid because of the injury.